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MOBIAK SA is one of the leading companies in the industry of firefighting equipment and the trading of medical equipment.

About Mobiak

About Us

MOBIAK S.A is one of the leading companies in the industry of firefighting equipment and the trading of medical equipment.

For more than 47 years, MOBIAK’s activities have focused on developing five key areas at its headquarters in Chania-Crete: Gases, Firefighting Equipment, Medical Equipment – Home Care, Trainers and Recycle . More specifically, the areas in which MOBIAK operates are the following:

a) MOBIAKGAS: Production and Bottling of Medical and Industrial Gases & Liquids
b) MOBIAKFIRE: Research, Design, Assembly and Distribution of Firefighting Equipment
c) MOBIAKCARE Importing and Trading Medical Equipment and Home Care Products
d) MOBIAKTRAINERS Professional Training on Fire Fighting Equipment
e) MOBIAKRECYCLE Waste Handling

Our Story

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Establishment of a General Partnership. A 4500m² site in Kathiana (Akrotiri) is bought together with mechanical equipment in order to commence producing and bottling of Acetylene on a 800m² premises.

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Conversion of the General Partnership into a Limited Company named MOBIAK S.A. (the abbreviation stands for Industrial-Medical Gas Plant of Crete).

In the same year occurs an extension of the premises to an additional 1200m². Mechanical equipment for the production and bottling of oxygen is purchased and installed.

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Α retail store on M. Botsari Street opens in a privately owned building (PYROMEDICAL). Its purpose is to promote the local MOBIAK products in Chania. In 2007 the Private business run by Mrs. Irene Svouraki, becomes a Limited Company with the 50% share of her son, Manolis.

Today, PYROMEDICAL applies ISO 9000 management system and is also approved by EKAPTY for the commercialization of Medical & Home-Care Equipment.

International sales network


International Sales Network To More Than 110 Countries

MOBIAK plays an important role in several key sectors of industrial production, having a vast distribution network, with more than 800 wholesaling companies across Greece. Its global distribution network is also powerful, including more than 110 countries.


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