Central Facilities in Chania, Crete (Kathiana Factory, Akrotiri 32.000m²)

Gas Production – Bottling Factory. There are Cryogenic Tanks (3 Oxygen, 1 Nitrogen, 1 Argon, 2 Carbon Dioxide)


Automatic Firefighter Assembly – Reassembly Unit

MOBIAK Firefighting equipment

Assembling & Trading of Fire Extinguishers, Design, Assembly-Bottling, Marketing & Installation of Extinguishing Systems, Marketing of all types of firefighting equipment, as well as the Re-inspection of Fire Extinguishers.

Regarding the firefighting sector, MOBIAK implemented a large investment program of € 5,500,000 at its headquarters in Chania, which was completed in 2006 and included the installation of a complete robotic fire extinguisher assembly line and the construction of a new 2500m2 building for the offices. and the expansion of storage space for raw materials and ready-to-use products (800m2). The capacity of the new production line of fire extinguishers exceeds 200 pieces / hour.

The highly sensitive helium sensor detects possible propellant gas leaks for any fire extinguisher produced or retested. Now MOBIAK trades and produces over 1000 different products.

The basic range of products of the fire industry consists of:

• Portable and wheeled fire extinguishers of Dry Powder, Foam, Co2, Water, Wet Chemical, Clean Agent, certified by internationally recognized bodies such as: BSI (UK), NF (France), Apragaz (Belgium), MPA Dresden (Germany), KIWA ( Netherlands), UL (USA), RINA (Italy), EBETAM (Greece).

• Spare parts and equipment for all types of fire extinguishers

• Fire fighting agents (Dry Powder, Foam, Wet Chemical, HFC-227ea, FK-5-1-12, CO2, etc) of different types

• Fire Cabinets and Reels in various dimensions and models, with the prominent EN certified by LPCB (UK) and KIWA (Netherlands)

• Fire Hoses and relative equipment for cabinets, EN & UL certified

• Landing Valves and Hydrants of various types and dimensions, UL/FM & EN certified

• Fire Sprinklers in various sizes and types, UL/FM certified

• Fire resistance blankets in various sizes and types, EN & BSI certified

• Fire resistant and non-fire resistant metal doors and relevant equipment, EN certified

• Fireman equipment (Uniforms – suits, escape & autonomous breathing apparatus, masks, ect)

• Fire Suppression Systems (HFC-227ea, FK-5-1-12, IG, CO2, Wet Chemical, Dry powder, Water Mist, Aerosol Generators)

• Fire pump sets, UL/FM certified

• Filling Dry powder Units and Maintenance Centers of Firefighting equipment and systems

• Protective Boxes/Cover for every type of Fire Extinguishers

• Brackets (Portable F/E, Floor type, Permanents Systems, Ceiling)

• Sand Buckets

• Fire Hoses, Storz Couplings, Branchpipes

•Mask & Filters of various types

• Automatic Extinguishing Systems

• Illumination signs

• LED Emergency Lights & Stand alone smoke & heat detectors

• First Aid Kit

MOBIAK CARE Medical Equipment Department

In the field of medical equipment, the company started in 1977 with the production of medical oxygen, covering the needs of the Hospitals but also for home oxygen therapy. The production of medical oxygen laid a solid foundation for the company for the development of the commercial and technical department with specialized machines for the support of the respiration of latest technology.

In the coming years, the list will be enriched with a wider range of Home / health care items for a wide range of applications, such as orthopedic items, office equipment, diagnostic and treatment devices, applications specialized in aids / spine guards, upper / lower extremities and head, medical supplies , bedding and hospital equipment

The main categories of products of the Medical sector:
• Devices – Oxygen therapy bottles
• Nebulization
• Respiratory support devices
• Wheelchairs
• Hospital beds
• Hospital equipment
• Clinic Equipment
• Anti decubitus equipment
• Orthopedics
• Daily care aids
• Physiotherapy items
• First aid kits
All products are certified and CE marked.

This rich experience was used to organize a new Research & Development department to research new products and special needs of our partners.

Technical support-Service
MOBIAK SA is constantly evolving and this development program includes also the technical service department.
It consists of certified technicians throughout Greece with service points that cover northern, central and southern Greece for the fastest service of our partners.
All our technicians are constantly informed by the primary manufacturers with seminars provided by MOBIAK SA. to offer our customers maximum reliability and security.
All of our Service-Points are certified by Ekapty and by authorized European Houses in Greece, offering the following services:
• Sleep Laboratory Facilities.
• Training of associates in the use and maintenance of MOBIAK products
• Certified Repairs and Maintenance of Oxygen Concentrators / Respirators / Orthopedic Items / Travel Aids
We have official certifications and we always use only genuine spare parts in our repairs.
• Production and bottling of medical oxygen
• Bottling of medical gases
• Hydrostatic control of high pressure cylinders (300 bar)

MOBIAK GAS Department

The department of MOBIAK Gas is collaborating with one of the strongest competitors of the global market.
The raw materials in liquid form (Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Argon), are stored in cryogenic tanks. Then, the liquids are converted to gases through the use of advanced filling equipment and bottled in high pressure cylinders. Mobiak, also supplies all Hospitals and private clinics in Crete with Liquid Oxygen, using a privately owned tanker.

In addition, in all fixed cryogenic tanks, found in the facilities of MOBIAK (Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide) there is all the necessary equipment for filling portable tanks and dewars.
A significant investment of 1.000.000 was also made in 2006 in the gas department. Semi-automatic filling lines were installed for Oxygen and Inert gases. Also, the old buildings were completely renovated (1000m2).
In 2020 another investment took place in the central premises. An additional High-Pressure Bottling Line for inert gases and their mixtures of up to 300 Bar was installed. The new line is mostly used for firefighting gases, such as IG 541 and IG 55.
The new bottling line offers the possibility of simultaneous filling of cylinders but also for separate filling of each cylinder. Hence, different customer demands can be met.

The 300 bar bottling line gives the advantage of following a filling process based on differential pressure of each gas component or using mass (weight). Filling with a reference bottle in the weighing station gives greater accuracy in the composition of the mixture.

Gas Bottling
MOBIAK has 5 distinct bottling lines:
• Industrial and Medical oxygen
• Inert gases and their mixtures
• high pressure Inert gases (300 bar) and their mixtures
• Carbon Dioxide and
• Compressed Air

Cylinder Testing Centre

The cylinder testing centre has been upgraded with the addition of an assembling / disassembling (dismantling) valve equipment. The new equipment was accompanied by a new optic light (anti-explosive) for the internal inspection of the cylinders. The key stages in cylinders’ hydrotesting include:

–Checking stamp marking of the cylinders
– Emptying & Dismantling the valve from the cylinder
–External & Internal Visual Inspection
–Weighing the cylinder and comparing with the engraved weight of the cylinder
– Internal Cleaning – If Required
– Hydrostatic testing
– Drying
– Assembling & Filling the Cylinders
The analytical facilities of MOBIAK has equipment for the analysis of all produced gases as well as for the raw materials, liquids. Meeting the requirements of various Quality and Regulatory management systems, we are able to offer certificates of conformity and certificates of analysis to our clientele.

Quality Hall

When investing in quality besides a company’s motto is a way of operation, the result is unique.

Quality…The Key to Success!


MOBIAK’s coffee shop is named Prince George BC Vancouver Coffee House!

Prince George BC Vancouver Coffee House is designed to offer coffee and tastes to employees and visitors of MOBIAK


The retail store at M. Botsari Street is housed in a privately-owned building (PYROMEDICAL). Its purpose is to promote the products of MOBIAK in Chania.

PYROMEDICAL implements an ISO 9000 quality system and is also certified by EACAP for the marketing of Medical Equipment and Home Care.


The Study & Installation Store houses the Technical Team. They belong to the Company “Pyroprostasia” which was created for this purpose.


Distribution Center of Central & Eastern Crete (Industrial Area of Heraklion, Crete)


Distribution Center of Central, Southern and Greek Islands (Aspropyrgos, Sxineza Place, Attica 7.000m²)

Distribution Center of Northern Greece and the Balkans (Arkadiou 8, Kalochori, Thessaloniki 5.000m²)


Annex of MOBIAK n the Balkans

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