Sustainable Development

The concept of Sustainable Development is based on reducing the consumption of natural resources and on the effort towards a circular economy. It includes every action taken to improve people’s quality of life, demonstrating respect for fellow human beings and the environment.

Ensuring Sustainable Development is part of ΜΟΒΙΑΚ’s strategy and one of its main objectives. To make this possible, efforts are made through collective actions, taking into account social and environmental factors and always in line with its Code of Ethics.

This Code was created to ensure the company’s proper operation according to sustainability criteria, but also to clarify to everyone what are the company’s beliefs and values that have led it to the top.

This Code enables every ΜΟΒΙΑΚ employee to act freely with respect to its principles, but also to enter into partnerships with organizations, companies and people with similar values. The company encourages all of its partners to follow its Code of Ethics, which serves as a basis for the company’s sustainability.

Guided by its values and with its vision of Sustainable Development, ΜΟΒΙΑΚ takes part in local outreach efforts and volunteering, while constantly making efforts to conserve and protect the environment. The actions carried out by its executives in these areas are varied and can be concisely categorized as follows.


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Education and Sports

Since 1977 when it began operating, ΜΟΒΙΑΚ’s core principle has been to actively provide support to the local community and its stakeholders through various means. For almost half a century, we have supported the local community through our Corporate Social Responsibility actions, offering funds or products to charity organizations, supporting educational institutions, student events, athletes and local sports teams.

We believe in human relations and constantly invest in them, getting closer and closer to our vision of a sustainable, safe and quality future for all.
One of our main lines of action is education-oriented and through it we have managed to actively support the students of the Technical University of Crete. ΜΟΒΙΑΚ supports the Institution’s engineers regarding their activities during their studies, but also offers a scholarship to the top graduate of Chania during the diploma awarding ceremony. The scholarship includes a sum of money, as well as the opportunity to meet with company executives and discuss engineering issues, an aspect that connects us completely due to the nature of our field.
Alongside this collaboration, we support schools and organizations that wish to expand their knowledge of fire safety products, by organizing trainings and presentations for fire protection solutions in our facilities and wherever else it may be feasible. We organize workshops for both our staff and our partners, as, this way, we can maintain high standards of knowledge regarding our products, ensuring maximum safety for the end user.

Moreover, being an avid sports advocate for many years, ΜΟΒΙΑΚ supports local teams and athletes with sponsorships to help them achieve their goals. From time to time, it also enters into long-term partnerships with athletes from various sports, while it is worth noting that it is a Grand Sponsor of an athletics athlete.
ΜΟΒΙΑΚ is by the athlete’s side, contributing to her every effort and competition, and in recent years, through hard work and perseverance, both she and the company have managed not only to achieve mutual trust but also to create a stable partnership.


At ΜΟΒΙΑΚ, we constantly invest in a safe and quality work environment. We provide equal opportunities to everyone, seeking passion for work, respect and honesty in our working relations. Guided by the Code of Ethics that we have adopted as a company, we encourage discussions among our members, respecting every opinion.

Our main concern is the staff’s alignment with the company’s Safety Rules. In order to avoid potential danger and accidents, we constantly ensure proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at our points of production and hire people with appropriate operating licenses to operate our machinery.
We pay special attention to our staff’s protection and ensure through regular checks that the rules are followed, aiming towards zero work accidents.

Education on Sustainable Development

The company supports continuous education, while applying the 14001 system provides it with the opportunity to hold Employee training sessions on environmental management issues.
At the same time, MOBIAK expresses a strong interest in investing in younger generations as it considers them the key to a sustainable future.

In order to inform and sensitise younger generations about the importance of environmental protection, the concept of sustainable development and the individual actions they can take and how they can affect the environment in the long term, the company organised a climate workshop for children at its headquarters.

This initiative was carried out in close collaboration with a group of experts in the field of sustainable development with the aim of informing and educating children about these critical concepts. Emphasis was also given to highlighting the concept of social responsibility which we all feel.

Practical Support Environmental and Humanitarian Organisations

The company expresses its strong commitment to continuous support for environmental and humanitarian foundations, marking a new direction in its corporate practice.

These foundations depend mainly on the valuable contributions of volunteers and the donations from the public. The work they carry out is an invaluable asset to our society. They aim to achieve sustainability and to raise citizens’ awareness of the main axes of their activities, and every offer from us, small or large, is an important aid in their efforts.

So far, the company has actively helped a large environmental organisation by offering products that it was in need of, and has also supported a newly established organisation that seeks to inform citizens about fires and also about the care of burns and wounds.

We continue our effort to support such ventures with the aim of achieving a future where humans and nature will coexist in harmony.


Environmentally-friendly Products and Extinguishing Materials

At ΜΟΒΙΑΚ, we are always searching for new products and solutions. Technology in every field is constantly evolving and we are always evaluating each case individually to offer you the best solution for your every need.

Extinguishing materials used in our fire extinguishing products vary. For example, the majority of fire extinguishing foams are made up of fluorine to enhance their efficiency. However, fluorine is a compound with a proven harmful effect on human health and nature. For this reason, ΜΟΒΙΑΚ is constantly expanding its range with fluorine-free fire extinguishers and other environmentally-friendly products.

ΙNERGEN (IG) systems, such as ΙG 541, IG 55, IG 100, etc., are categorized as environmentally-friendly products because they are made up of inert gases.
Systems with the FK-5-1-12 agent, such as the miniature systems JOB, FIREBOY, E-BULB and the THESEUS system, belong to the same product category. The FK-5-1-12 agent is an extinguishing material that is not subject to environmental restrictions, as it has zero ozone depletion potential and an atmospheric lifetime of only five days.
Environmentally-friendly products include fire extinguishers for lithium batteries. These fire extinguishers are vermiculite-based, which used to extinguish fires not only in lithium batteries but also in electrical appliances. Vermiculite is an environmentally-friendly and human-friendly material.

ΜΟΒΙΑΚ also sells Water Mist type water-based fire extinguishers that leave no residue, are non-toxic, non-harmful and safe to use in spaces where humans are present. This is a new technology that makes these products suitable for type A, B, C, E and F fires, as the small water droplets released increase the extinguishing performance of the extinguishing material.
The company’s goal for the near future is to achieve an increase in the percentage of sales of products that promote sustainable development.

Programme to reward Recycling

Rewarding recycling is one such waste management system that imposes obligations on production companies in relation to recycling materials after the end of their useful life. The system also encourages the consumers themselves to return the products after use to collection points where the materials can be recycled.

The goals behind rewarding recycling include reducing waste and encouraging consumers to recycle. The company manufactures and imports products and, as part of efforts to encourage recycling, has annual environmental obligations which aim to insure that recycling and waste management plants operate and carry out their activities correctly.

The programme to reward recycling aims to promote the sustainable use of resources and to reduce the impact of waste on the environment. In addition, it encourages industry to design products that are easier to recycle and less harmful to the environment.

Annual Environmental Targets

The implementation of ISO 14001 in the company is an important commitment to environmental protection and to the prevention of environmental pollution. The system promotes the adoption of environmental practices that lead to improved performance and sustainability.

Through this system, the company is obliged to establish annual environmental targets that promote “green” developments in its operations. These goals focus on many areas including energy and water saving, recycling plastics, light bulbs and batteries, and training employees on environmental management issues and promoting a broader ecological awareness both inside and outside the company.
These initiatives, and the setting of targets, are not only beneficial for the environment but can also have economic benefits for the company as they minimise operating costs and increase efficiency.

The evaluation and gradual evolution of the environmental targets highlights the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and development, while offering significant benefits for the environment and for society.

Connection with Nature

With the ultimate goal of implementing a comprehensive series of actions to achieve sustainable development, in recent years MOBIAK has adopted and implemented a tree-planting programme in Akrotiri, Chania, where its headquarters are located.

Tree planting is extremely beneficial for the environment as it reduces climate change with trees absorbing CO2 from the air through photosynthesis and producing oxygen.
They also act positively on the soil by increasing its fertility, retaining the moisture in the soil and helping to retain water during exceptionally high rainfall.

In cooperation with the competent bodies of the municipality, we carry out this action to contribute to the protection of the environment.

Circular Economy

Recycling and Reusing

Circular economy is an evolved form of recycling. Its aim is to promote the reuse of products in order to avoid excessive consumption of natural resources.

For a manufacturing company such as ΜΟΒΙΑΚ, this means designing products that are durable, reusable and rebuildable, so that they can be maintained by circulating in the economy. This way, we preserve the value of our products for longer and contribute to the reuse of our waste through the recycling process.

At ΜΟΒΙΑΚ, we are able to recycle any fire extinguisher waste produced during maintenance or replenishment. We also have a special license to manage it within our facilities, which fully covers the recycling of every part of the fire extinguisher, even the waste fire extinguishing powder. The recyclable parts of the fire extinguisher, metals (aluminum, bronze, copper) and ferrous metals, are picked up by specially licensed waste management companies and, after proper sorting and processing, they are recycled and reused to create short-term or new consumer products. This way, the planet’s natural resources are sufficiently protected and the geo-environmental balance is not disturbed; at the same time, the environment is protected from the opening and operation of new mines, which helps conserve large amounts of energy.

In addition to this, ΜΟΒΙΑΚ promotes other recycling operations, contributing to the management of waste produced by our processes. These operations cover materials such as:
Plastics (plastic packaging and plastic caps), Glass (glass bottles and packaging), Paper or Cardboard Packaging, Batteries, Light Bulbs, Ink and Toner Cartridges, Wooden Pallets and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

The circular economy helps to preserve product value by reducing the impact of manufacturing operations that contribute negatively to human health and nature.
ΜΟΒΙΑΚ is committed to maintaining its zeal for sustainable development and reusing its products in new markets.

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